Back from Calabria

Meghan - il sovrano
We had a very productive week in Calabria – the visit to Delizie di Vaticane only increased our passion for the product. They are using ancient traditions and recipes and fill each and every jar by hand. We look forward to adding more of their pasta sauces and even some jam in the future!
We spent our time preparing for the olive and chestnut harvests which are set for early November. We carefully strim and clear around the trees to make the laying of nets that little bit easier. We have nearly 300 olive trees and three hillsides of chestnuts which will need to be picked by hand.
If anyone fancies a working holiday we would love some help and to share our little bit of paradise with you. If you can be free November 2-9 and don’t mind a bit of hard graft then let us know and we’ll send you more information. We can accommodate 2-4 people and you would be part of a harvest which should result in our very own olive oil being used in the focaccia. Pretty special!
We also visited an aritiginal salumeria only a few kilometers up the road so you will be able to enjoy a wider variety of Calabrian meats soon!