How to make the most of your pizza kit!

home made pizza kit

Get ready!

Please make sure you take your dough out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before you need to start and crank your oven up as hot as she’ll go!

One pizza at a time is best, but who has that kind of will power, right? So get your oven shelves sorted, pour a glass of wine and get ready!

Step 1

Get crafty! Remember cutting snowflakes in paper at school? Well this is the secret to your crispy pizza. Tear off a sheet of baking parchment, fold it accordion style and cut little diamonds across it.

Step 2

Your dough ball is alive and it’s sensitive so please try and remove it gently from your tray, get it nicely floured and you’re ready to stretch!

Step 3

Bruno calls this the pizza technique, gently stretching with your fingertips before involving your entire hand. Try to keep it even but don’t worry too much about the shape, worry about preserving your crust.

Step 4

Gently place your dough on your snowflake baking parchment and slide it onto a chopping board (you can also do this last bit later)

Step 5

Get topping! Keep your tomato sauce at least an inch from the edge. We remove the cherry tomatoes from the tin and add olive oil, oregano and salt to the juice for ours.

Step 6

Layer it while considering which items need more heat and protection from burning.

Step 7

We haven’t trademarked it but this is ‘the oven slide’. You want your pizza and its paper to slide off the chopping board and directly onto the oven shelf.

Step 8

After 8 or so minutes you should be able to whip out the paper (which you can re-use next time) so your base will get perfectly cooked. Turn the pizza for an even bake and if you’ve got two in the oven then go the extra mile and swap shelf positions.

Buon Appetito!

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