Our Story

We have worked in hospitality all our adult lives. We feel being of service to others is a privilege. All our fondest memories involve good food, good wine and good people so playing even a small role in your memories is an honour. Although we never intended to run an Italian Deli all paths have led to it and the opportunity to do it in our own neighbourhood, working with old friends from the industry is a source of pride.

We want to start your day with a great coffee and tempt you with a treat. Then we want you to be dazzled by our focaccia sandwiches at lunch. And finally, we want you to come in at the end of the day and find everything you need for a glorious dinner. As well as running the shop and being parents, we have a small farm in Italy and we hope to bring more and more of Calabria to you! Or even you to Calabria!

Meghan and Bruno from Il Sovrano deli

“They make everyone feel important and you can feel that it isn’t just for show – they really do care.”

– Sophie

Our bread

We are not bakers – but we are very picky. We couldn’t find the right focaccia for our sandwiches so Bruno started playing. After dozens of trials and tweaks he had his focaccia recipe. We don’t rush the yeast – we let the dough prove for 24 hours, this created a light bread which has followed a more natural process.

Bruno has since expanded his pickiness to sourdough – we make white sourdough, rye as well as a polenta sourdough similar to the Buccelato you would find in his hometown of Mesoraca. We also make wholmeal rolls and Bruno’s curiosity knows no bounds so the offering will surely expand.

All our bread is made by hand. We only hire people who care and can give love to what they do and we are sure you will taste the difference.