Who we work with

We either have decades long relationships with our food suppliers like La Latteria and Carnevale or we choose based on ethics and quality like Volcano & Natoora. Back in Italy we import from family run businesses who use their grandmother’s grandmother’s recipes to bring you an authentic taste of Calabria.

“I don’t need the coffee really, but I always feel happier after being there.”

– Sonya

Delizie Vaticane di Tropea

Bruno grew up in Calabria from the age of 7. His family ran an agriturismo and they did everything from raising livestock (rabbits, chickens & pigs) to growing all their own fruit and veg to producing their own olive oil. The products we import from Vaticane are an ode to the traditions Bruno grew up with. Families still gather to make vats of tomato sauce every autumn. Chillies still dry next to laundry on balconies. And people still strive to make sure that nothing is wasted.

Domenico Furchi uses his ancestor’s recipes – handed down from matriarch to matriarch. They have been modernised and tweaked, but they are the real deal. Each of the jars you’ll find on our shelves was filled by hand. We are so proud to support a small family run business which is upholding traditions and also supporting local farmers.
We can’t recommend a visit to Tropea enough!